Writing to Santa is Quick and Easy

Writing your letter is quick and easy. The elves have spent many hours while Santa was away on his holidays building a new post office. This will help them receive and respond to your letter.

Simply think about your top ten gifts that you would like from Santa and you're ready to begin. Check with Mum, Dad or an adult that it is OK to do this before you start. If you would like the postman to deliver you a written reply you may need help to check your address is correct !


Delivery Options

There are various different delivery options available for your letter. Email is FREE, however written replies are not. For full details including how to make payment - Click Here.

Parents FAQs

We have tried very hard to ensure that we retain the magic of Christmas for your child. Therefore please review our FAQs page for more information.
Click for FAQs.


Writing your     
letter is really easy.   

First tell me your first  
and last name.

Second select how you
  would like me to reply.

    Third click 'next' to
  tell me about your presents.